Ben Gardner

Owner of Everything-Modern

This is My Story

The picture to the left was a day of estate sale fun that turned into a fitting image for “this is my story”. I started building furniture as a hobby aside my construction company almost 20 years ago. My passion grew greater than I had imagined it would. In those years I have studied and properly learned how to use a wide variety of finishes such as dyes, oils, stains, lacquer, shellac and more.
I build my furniture using both new and old techniques. I get a sense of pride in using my 120 year old hand planes to flatten and smooth various woods, but I mainly enjoy working with walnut. It’s a labor intensive job but it’s well worth it.

I have an amazing passion for what I do and only continue to improve my designs, techniques, skills, and knowledge. I want to spend time with each and every customer getting every detail just right. Together we can create the perfect piece of furniture.
I look forward to working with you.


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